Sea Horse Plaza, Sanibel Island

For the best shopping experience in Sanibel and Captiva, visit Sea Horse Plaza on the East side of Sanibel Island just next to Sanibel Island lighthouse.
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Sporty Seahorse Shop

The Sporty Seahorse is next door to the Island Cafe restaurant, off Periwinkle Way, at the lighthouse end of the island. This is a wonderful shop, for beach decor, beach clothing and footwear, men’s and women’s sport clothing including Tommy Bahama clothing, and gifts and toys. There’s so much to see! It’s our go-to shop for home decor from Sanibel and for gifts for friends. Make a visit - you’ll be glad you did!


Tuttles Shell Shop

When it comes to Sanibel Island logo shirts, everything at Tuttle's is first class. Quality cotton tees, sweatshirts, denim shirts and jackets - in unisex styles and sizes - are welcome gifts for yourself as well as others.


Lighthouse Cafe

Lighthouse Cafe is a cozy eatery known for specialty pancakes also offers inventive sandwiches & other deli-style eats.

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